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Diversity & Inclusiveness: A Drama (#1)

I want to preface this series, and post, by saying that I am extremely grateful that Diversity and Inclusiveness is increasingly being brought to the forefront of today’s conversations, concerns and people’s agendas. I am proud that I get to be a part of this movement, and in doing so learn things about society and myself I was not even consciously aware of, that were a direct result of the lack of D&I.

However, as part of this, I also have a say in whether or not I feel this representation is being implemented in an accurate and – I don’t want to say¬†correct, but – a meaningful manner.

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Fashionably Fat

Increasingly celebrities and other popular social media figures are ripping off curtains of fictitious beauty. From Alicia Keys wearing absolutely no make up to one of the most filmed moments in the history of the pop culture stratosphere (i.e. walking the red carpet), to Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty, we as an online society are finally being conditioned into a more body-positive, self-loving environment, whether it be through pointed campaigns or personal acts of choice, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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